"The way my mind works is like entering the world's most difficult maze with many layers." --Tiffany
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"The project is for and by young urban womyn of color and is reflective of our own concerns and the issues that personally affected us. The theme of stereotypes repeatedly came up in our group discussions. We latched onto the idea of exploring the stereotypes that we were frustrated with and challenged by. Though we are all womyn of color, we are a diverse collection of personalities and backgrounds; the fact that we all felt so passionately about this topic is a testament to its likely importance to all young womyn affected by stereotypes that are pervasive in popular culture and the self-image issues that stem from them."

By Cahill, Caitlin and the "Fed Up Honeys": Arenas, Erica; Contreras, Jennifer; Jiang, Na; Rios-Moore, Indra; and Threatts, Tiffany (2004) Speaking back: Voices of young urban womyn of color: Using participatory action research to challenge and complicate representations of young womyn. In Harris, A. (ed) All About the Girl: Power, Culture and Identity Routledge: New York, London.

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Read about our research findings in our report:

Makes Me Mad: Stereotypes of young urban womyn of color.


"Erica: On July 8 2002, 6 young womyn came together as the focus of a research project on "The lives of young womyn in the city."  We ranged in age from 16-22, and different ethnic backgrounds. We are Chinese, Puerto Rican, African-American, Dominican, and Black-Latina. As diverse as we are, personalities included, we seemed to click instantly and our conversations flowed. We fed off each other's ideas and we built on them as well.  We spoke of personal experiences, shared our writings and discussed world issues we felt were impacting us. 

Indra describes us: We're almost like a boy band with members that meet pre-prescribed personality types that are different enough for any teenage girl to have a favorite. Jiang Na is quiet and shy with an undercover bravery of spirit; Shamara is loud and jovial but truly a sensitive person; Jennifer is also loud but is a story teller who takes guff from no one and is not a big fan of school but is an excellent business woman; Tiffany is quiet and reserves judgments but when she decides to talk she lets out pearls of true wisdom; Erica is all tough on the outside but is really very sweet on the inside with a propensity for crying; Caitlin is the kind soul that keeps us all on track and at the same time makes sure that we feel free enough to let loose-she's the glue; and I'm the crazy one, I let loose with random useless facts, make weird sounds for no good reason that anyone can discern, and am the anti-establishment representative of the group.

All of us together make up "Fed-Up-Honeys," very different womyn with different opinions, and though it takes time to get on the same page when we get there we always have very interesting, fresh, new, and unique ideas to share and use."