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> > > L.E.S. LINKS
> Maps of the L.E.S. 


This site is about the Lower East Side and the different things that we have going on also has map about community gardens and restaurants.

CAAVE is an organization for Asians in the community. It stands for Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence.

> Lower East Side Family Union
If you or some that you know has family problems don't be afraid to go and find help.  log on and see what you can find.

> Grand Street Settlement
You want a place to go to or need help in school or even for daycare this is the perfect place that you can go to.

> The struggle for the Lower East Side
For those who want to know more about the L.E.S or that want to know more about the history about the L.E.S click here.

> Tenant information
New York City or State tenants should look here for information on NY tenants' rights.

> The Lower East Side People Federal Credit Union
This site is not for young people only but for those young people who are trying to save money this is the best place to put it. Click to find more info.

> Earth Celebrations
Whoever is interested in community gardens and their history this is the perfect site.

> Gathering of the Tribes
Gathering of the Tribes creates a performance and meeting place for artists and audiences to come together across all artistic disciplines
Location: 285 E. Third, NY 10009
Tel. # (212) 674 3778

> Nuyorican Poets Cafe
The Nuyorican Poets Cafe is a multi-cultural community. Home to NYC's freshest artists, if you want to become one of these artists.