"Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten." --B. F. Skinner


We have been extremely fortunate to receive funding to disseminate our work from an anonymous sponsor in 2004. This generous gift has made it possible for us to do workshops in our community, to send out our reports, to develop a new Chinese website and redesign this website. Thank you for your commitment to our work--you know who you are!

We would like to express our appreciation to the organization ActKnowledge who stepped in just in time to support and validate our work when we first started our project in 2002. This is what they said about us:

"We are excited about your project because it is truly participatory action research, and we believe it has the potential to make some breakthroughs in understanding how to get social messages across."

This website was made possible through the support of ActKnowledge ( www.actknowledge.org).

We have been fortunate to find a home at the Center for Human Environments of the Graduate Center of CUNY where everyone has been consistently helpful and supportive.

We have many to thank as this project has evolved over the past few years. We are grateful to the young women (you know who you are! ) who we spoke with informally at different times in the project and who gave us feedback. We thank all of the people at CUNY who met with us, supported us, and advised us including Jared Becker, Lymari Benitez, HelÚne Clark, Danny Choriki, Michelle Fine, Connie Hall, Roger Hart, Cindi Katz, Jude Kubran, Yasser Payne, Rosemarie Roberts, Martin Ruck, Susan Saegert, Neil Smith, Tamir Stevens, Maria Torre, and Pamela Wridt.

We are especially grateful to Gregory Donovan for his wonderful new design of the new Fed Up Honeys website. It is really very beautiful. Thank you to Liang Guo for designing a really amazing website in Chinese.

This project was originally part of Caitlin Cahill's dissertation research in the Environmental Psychology program at the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. Caitlin continues to collaborate with the Fed Up Honeys.   Her research interests include collaborative and participatory research approaches, urban and community studies, public space and art, young people, feminist and critical race theories, and urban nature.  You can contact her [HERE].