"Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength." --Ralph W. Sockman

> Here are links we think would be helpful to young womyn like us...
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> Health, Sexual Health and Body Image
> Young Womyn of Color

> The Door, A Center for Alternatives
This amazing  place  located downtown is for young people aged 12 to 21.  English, Chinese and Spanish are spoken here. There are over 30 classes and everything is free and confidential.   The health center is for teenagers is free of charge. There are counselors to go to for advice about nutrition, hygiene, sexuality and pregnancy options. They also have a pharmacy where you can receive basic medicines and birth control.  tel # (212) 941-9090              

> Sxe Ed
Written by teens, this website offers information on sexual health issues for young people.  You can also give comments.

> I wanna know
Answers to your questions about teen sexual health  (More for teen than adults)

> Teen wire
This is a private place on the Internet to help you get information and news about teen sexuality, sexual health and relationships. While you're at the site you can choose an anonymous screen name so that you can talk to other teens about your problems.

> Adios Barbie
Multicultural women discuss body acceptance, identity, self-esteem, and activism.

> Go Ask Alice
Confused go an ask Alice. If you have no one to talk to about your problems you can go on to this site that offers questions and answers on relationships, sexuality, and sexual health issues.

> Black Womens Health
Has a lot of information about how to stay healthy and particular health risks for women of color. Check it out!

Black girl international
For black young women who need empowerment and strength.

> My Sistah's Gallery
The purpose of My Sistah's Gallery is to provide info and support on sexuality and health issues.This site is for and by young women of color.

> Latinitas
Latinitas is an online magazine to empower young Latina women. It has a lot of good information.

> Making Face, Making Soul
This website has a lot of information about amazing Chicana women. Lots of great links.  

> Sista Girls
This website is for teengirls who want to express themselves. Its written for and by young women. "Our star" features a sistagirl who is making a difference in her community. Also featured are poetry, health and career advice.

> Women of Color Web
This web site has information on topics such as feminism, sexuality, and reproductive health and rights. It includes excerpts from scholarly articles, book chapters, critical essays, teaching tools, and links to related resources. A great resource.

> Muslim Women
To find out more about what being a Muslim woman is about.

> Financial Information and Planning

> Youth Resource
Youth Resource a Web site created by (GLBTQ) for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people 13 to 24 years old. If you have any question about your sexuality log on. 

> Debt
This is good for those students that are in college. Watch out for credit card debt!

> You're In Business
This is a website for young women who want to start their own business and get ahead.

> WFN.com 
Offers an array off financial resources for women. Read feature articles, and locate an advisor.